If you were given a thousand years

Watching old Lou Reed videos, and he said, “it’s like the saying if you were given a thousand years would you write Hamlet? No, if I were given a thousand years would I do what I’ve done? No, not without Delmore Scheartz or Andy Warhol.” Sort of botched that quote together but wow! What a beautiful and simple thing to know and realize and love about your art. Made me roll on the ground and feel so excited. We are all our influences, and lou reed was this amazing intense human, but like all humans, needed influence, ideas and encouragement. Just good to hear, and I really will be smiling tomorrow at his picture I keep next to my easel. I put him up because he keeps me focused and honest when I’m working. What an artist! What a man, Lou Reed pulled all the strings together. That’s all, love your influences, and trust them to guide you towards your path and truth.


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