I have a studio, now I need a camera

I went out and found a studio, it’s something I should really be inside of right now, but when my alarm went off at seven, which really isn’t to bad, I quickly pressed all the buttons simultaneously on my phone before passing back out. My justification, naturally, was how interesting my dreams were.

I don’t know what the day brings, it’s a day off right before a hefty string of doubles that will require some will power if I’m to exit them feeling at all healthy and normal. I know I have to get some studying done for these teacher certification tests. I’m into word problems now with math, which means I’ve been crying a lot more lately… well sort of. I just wish it didn’t feel like my study guide questions were purposefully trying to make me feel stupid, and rubbing it’s smelly pages in my face.

I think I would kill for ray of light Madonna hair, I’ve often thought that, and also wondered how much of my soul I’d have to give the hairdresser to make my hair look naturally golden and red, and of course, windy.

Of course I’ve realized that this blog no longer represents much or any of the art I’m doing or interested in for that matter. I’m afraid If I did an inspiration page it would be full of textile designs I like.

Which just sent me on a design blog search. Pretty cool, maybe I should give screen printing another shot… I bet it would be awesome fun.


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