Don’t make fudge in the morning

I didn’t.

I’m almost done x-mas shopping. And next year, I swear I’m going to be smarter about the whole thing. I’ve just been randomly buying gifts, that are going to be great for sure, but jeez, I feel like a consumer this year. And I am frightened by how much I enjoy spending money on things. Alright, music is always ok to spend money on. And for all of you who don’t know any better, a manicure and a pedicure for myself was a smart buy too. Sort-of. Anyways, I’m trying my hand at organizing my money in my mind. For me that means saving receipts and writing what it was for and taping them in an old art notebook of mine. It’s really chaotic looking but I like seeing paper flying everywhere as I flip the pages, and so far, it’s helping my brain organize.

On the art side of life well… I gotta steal ky’s camera and take a quick pic of some little drawing I did. I printed out some pictures of a walk I took a couple weeks ago and have been making little drawings from them. I pulled out my paints and canvas and felt disgusting. After two hours of setting it up and painting a little bit, I took it all and put it away so I don’t have to see or think about it. Dunno, it’s cursed. I like the little drawings tho, and my little desk in my little closet, and listening to Richard Thompson, or Jose Gonzalez. That feels normal.

Hopefully that works. Nothing new besides all that nonsense. My tree is still on our roof. Eh, it’s fine.



One response to “Don’t make fudge in the morning

  1. I was wondering what happened to that tree of yours.

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