I’m not crazy if I say I’m crazy

I got sap in between my fingers, from hasselin the christmas tree, but honestly, I’m just given it a little of what it’s been given me… grief. It’s resting outside on the roof right now, don’t worry, it wants to be out there. I gave it a good chance in  the apartment, one whole night and one whole day. But it just couldn’t handle my generosity, so there,

“Winn, let me innn!”


It can glance longingly inside all it wants, it’s sap and sass will not be tolerated here!

Ok enough of the sillyness. Ky is going to really wonder about me when he gets in from work tonight though. The tree stinks, I didn’t think about how small our place is and how pungent the tree would be once in our small, really dry and warm apartment. I feel like I’ve been choking on christmas scent all day, and drinking lots of fluid to stay hydrated, because I’m positive it was stealing some of our precious air supply. Or at least Rush Limbough would tell me that, he’s always trying to scare me into believing nature is out to get me, and the only way to get it is to use plastic bags a lot.  Anyway. Hopefully the tree likes it out there, and Ky likes it out there, and my apartment manager doesn’t notice it out there. 😉


One response to “I’m not crazy if I say I’m crazy

  1. You’re a mean one, Mr Grinch.

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