Big chunks of ice, for climbing

Why does my unconscience torture me so? The other night I dreampt Nicolas Cage was stealing children via boat, but not like he did in Arizona. Just as a person, he was doing that. Then the other night I was forced into telling a crowd of people that they were superior in life choices than I. And then this morning I wake up from yet another dream where I’m surrounded by huge icy mountains, and all I’m trying to do is hop on a train to Florida, or Arizona, or Michigan, or Cinncinatti. Then I realize I’m late for class with Miriah Carey who recently lost all her baby weight.

Point being, I’ve been dreaming about big chuncks of icy mountains for a while now, and being surrounded by water that I can’t swim in. I think my dream brain is saying a thing or two about this here state I’ve moved to. I don’t know how to tell my brain that I just can’t pick up and move. It’s not that easy, nor do I really want to.

I’m going to save up and buy a car, it seems like a good goal to have.

Happy thanksgiving back!


One response to “Big chunks of ice, for climbing

  1. Stupid unconscience. You should have a car…then you will come visit more 🙂

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