you can be my baby

It don’t matta if you’re black or white!

It is late-er. I’m eating my version of pasta cabonera. Egg, cheese, pasta. Pretty smart. I warned Ky I might throw in a “really bad movie” before bed, and would he not be bothered? I’m sparing him I believe. It’s too soon to really taint him with who I am in that way. Because, if you know me at all, I don’t think that quotations need to apply to the movies I’m speaking of, because, really, they are the best movies ever.

I won’t name them, but, lets just say they’re all romantic comedies or BBC renditions of Jane Austin or Charolette Bronte. The better of the sisters in my opinion. Or just Out of Africa, lets just go ahead and say it. That is probably the best movie ever, that and um, Unforgiven. I never think that’s one of my favorites, but I always end up watching it again and again. I’m a sucker for Clint’s obvious and well played characters. He does them justice. Plus he does sort of finish that movie well with Gene Hackman, whom Mare hates, and I can’t understand why. He is Royal Tennenbaum, as well as that tough cop with Willam Defoe in that other movie. He’s always a badass.

I’ve walked away with myself. Perhaps this is an unwise post. But considering this could be categorized as a late-night-influenced-post, it’s pretty tame considering what other sorts of ramblings I could go on about. Mostly it just says about me, if you give that gal a drink, she’s gonna talk your ear off about Meryl Streep and Hackman.

Goodnight? gosh, this is embarrassing.


2 responses to “you can be my baby

  1. The Hack is in a great one called Night Moves. Young James Woods, young Melanie Griffith, Griffin? Whatever, I love Hackman.

  2. They are “really bad movies” 🙂 But I will forgive your love of them! Excited to see you this weekend!

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