Flower head

Oh no! It’s happened!






I have a dahlia for a head!

It’s ok, I have insurance.

Truly though, it is a lovely flower. And as soon as a saw it, I had to examine it, before walking away. But getting half way down the block, I hesitated, turned, then turned again, before finally going, what the hell? So you want to paint a flower? Worse things could happen in life. Funny, as soon as I said to myself, no more flower, one appears and has to look like that. I took all the paintbrushes I had been slowly killing and soaked them in some non toxic, toxic smelling liquid. They’re ok, slightly damaged, but they’ll make it.

I’ve been watching Dexter before bed, and despite how I had sworn it off forever, I’ve found it’s the only thing that prevents me from dreaming about work. Now, I dream about dead bodies, and for some reason, am able to sleep better. I’m not going to read into it.

It’s amazing how fast the holiday’s come every year. And it’s too pushy. I want to take my time with them because they only happen once a year, and it’s just not fair to have them one after the other. I am aware some really dislike holiday’s in general. But, I’ve been jamming to Charlie Brown Christmas in the early morning cold days, and feeling pretty good about it. Makes me think of dancing in a friends basement in high school to the music he had on vinyl. Each of us trying to get one character right and a certain friend nailing the move where you stick your butt out and just sort of sway it around to the jazzy beat. I’ve since copied in moments where it’s appropriate. Though, I can’t recall if it was ever really a move from the Charlie Brown gang.

Well, it is morning, despite my hesitation to say so, and work will start soon enough. I’ll be in denial a little longer, and think only that I’m going to make some amazing pumpkin yeast bread when I come home.






One response to “Flower head

  1. Miss you flowerhead 🙂 I want to see said flower paintings. Andrew is anti Christmas music. Sigh. I’ve been sneaking to Scout in small doses.

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