94% Fat Free

Well, I’d prefer it if my popcorn was 96% fat free, but, that’s just me.

I’m writing a cover letter for assistant teacher at a montessori school at the moment. I feel a sudden panic and heart flutterings. Oh how I want to work there, and how can I convey that message in a very professional way? I sometimes think they actually only hire the people who write, “I love children! They are so sweet! I’m sooo excited!!!!” And me being the big fool I am, spending an hour describing carefully but pushing on excited about how I am very capable at collaborating with Lead Teachers and am able offer individualized instruction to students. Uck, I do mix it up with words like, eager, and excited, and experience.

Sigh. Today is so crazy! Literally, sun one minute, rain the next. Then repeat. I walked around in the rain looking for worky work. And felt wet and tired by the time I got home. No fear, homemade vegetable soup was waiting for me. It’s so good, and I had never realized, so EAsy too.

Now I await my mother’s phone call to go over my letta, normally I don’t ask for extra assistance, but today was raining as I said, and I could use the support of my previous-english-teacher-momma



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