Just kidding!

I got so fed up last night, with myself and that flower. That after I had been sitting in the big round chair that sits across the apt, staring angrily and sort of passively at my flower I yelled, “Oh, you’re done, you’re done all right!” Went over, tore the reference photo from it’s spot on the canvas, yanked the painting from it’s spot and threw it on the wall where it’s hanging from a pin.

It’s done all right. Ohhh it’s done.

I was so thrilled I turned on Madonna anyway and cleaned the apartment, then spent the evening drawing pictures of wolf and coyote’s for no real reason other than I can do whatever I want to now. Then looked up some Jenny Saville and got all inspired.

I’ve got a plannnnnnn.

Oh and I’ll thow a picture of that silly flower up here sooon.


One response to “Just kidding!

  1. I should mention there is also a poorly rendered illustration of a pig baking in his kitchen I doodled, I was curious to see if I could illustrate, nope. Can’t.

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