Time time time

I thought about reading some Jack Gilbert poetry this morning while treating myself to a latte as a pre birthday present. But, the milk was sour, and after three lines of Gilbert, I knew I wasn’t in the right place to read that kind of heartbreaking stuff. One’s own heart it seems, has to be in the right place, to really take in great art. That’s totally not true, sometimes it’ll knock you’re unknown parts back into place and oil the machinery. But, as I said, it was not to be. I’m home drinkin earl grey, thinking poetry myself.

I went to a figure drawing class last week. It was so great to just draw the figure. And so great to see I don’t completely lack ability in an area I used to agonize over. I hate to say it, but everything ends up helping towards a bigger goal, all the little drawings I’ve been doing of my bone, shells and other objects around my house have helped a ton. Being able to practice looking at things is what it is, then you better understand that you’re just connecting dots in the form on your page. Very relaxing. Anyways, the studio was in Capital Hill, and many artists shared it, which led me to believe there are other such places like that, and all I need to do is ask next time, and Vuala! (?) I could have a studio too! And I’m guessing it’s much cheaper to share with four artists then to dish out 200 bucks a month. Honestly, who to these big fancy studios think I or any other artist Is? If I spent that much on a studio I’d have to give up brushing my teeth because toothpaste would be out of the question.

That’s all I want this year, I remember when all I wanted were my two front teeth, way back when when I got them pulled by my dentist Dr. Fear. Not kidding about the name. I always though of him as my mom’s ex due to their similar curly hair, you can imagine my confusion as a six year old why he of all people would be pulling out my teeth. hehe. I also remember singing that song like crazy that christmas, and my mom thinking it was cute for some reason. Are all kids as dorky as I was? Well, all I want this year is a studio, honestly, I’ll wake up early every day just so I can be in it. I promise.

I’m debating on asking ky if he’ll scrape his plans for composing for a little bit, to see if we can find a  pet shop where they let you play with dogs. I think I must dream about dogs, it would greatly sadden my dad to hear that, but, they’re so darn lovable. Maybe if Lucy keeps growing and gets to big for a friend’s house, they’ll let her move to the Big City! ))


One response to “Time time time

  1. Lucy would love to come over for a slumber party. She’d worship you if you let her sleep with you!

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