I walk by a catholic church everyday before work, crows usually litter the grass surrounding and sometimes I hear a group of Queen Anne-Old Money-Families singing inside. I imagine they all look and smell nice, and think about the flowers that are usually in churches and the repetition of mass and it’s calming effect it can have. I only think this because I was raised in one. I remember my mom making coleslaw in the kitchen while Mary and I ran around the dark, empty building throwing boxes at one another, sometimes asking the priest for a mint which he would only give if we’d show him  how to receive communion properly. To this day I find Altoids to be the perfect absolution to any moral sin I may have committed.  It’s all warm an cozy in churches, especially on a rainy cold day, but the minute the priest starts preaching that marriage is a sacred thing between a man and a woman … I usually wake up and see that I’m grown up now, and think that’s bull. Oh well, I still like some of the songs, and think the Virgin Mary rocks. And can’t help but have a hugely conservative moral spinal cord that walks me through life. You got me there oh Catholic church! You got me there!

I like painting, I like imagining the colors and the paint being applied to create a form on the canvas. That’s the good part about painting, thinking about it when you’re away from it. I’m still on this flower, I’m so ready for it to be over. I’d like to see if I can actually paint anything besides the flower. I have my doubts.

Seattle will be great, is what I see in the future and hope for. I’m holding on to the pennies I’ve got now, but plan on going to a lot of figure drawing classes, taking a couple sewing lessons and finding some internship for winter… maybe. Or trying to work part time in retail, to see if clothes are that interesting to me. I do know I miss them. So, we’ll see. Trying new things, building up some sort of a portfolio and some sort of idea for next year, and the possibilities of applying to a grad school.

In the mean time I’m going to focus on peeing more at work, and finding one more form of exercise other than work.




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  1. Loved this. Miss you.

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