It’s time to go, Now.

No, now it’s time to go, it’s time to go. What movie is that from, said in a wacky voice? It could only be one of the 5 I watch on repeat. Huh. I don’t think it’s Jurassic Park this time guys…

It’s late! I’m eatin a slice of pizza, listening to the house snore. Drinking water. Wondering and hoping I never know what it feels like to choke on a pineapple piece. And other things, of course. Or I hope. Always thinking about what a little piglet I am and have been on and off my whole life. My decisions aren’t hard to make, honestly, I’ve been waiting to make them . It’s just, is that Jesus watching?! Ah Ah Ahhh! Oh, phew, just a horse head. My sis wrote me a song inferring that I was a brave piglet, and that I can do whatever I want to. If that’s true, I have some therapy to attend, because this pizza also has ham on it. Hahahaha.

My flower painting feels good, I like getting into the whole zone of painting. It’s soo bugs-easy to just half-commit to a painting time, and slouch and sort of apply color. Getting into the habbit of just sitting up straight has been interesting. Also, my teeth hurt, I’ve already misplaced my new mouth night things. Honestly, they can’t have gone far considering a few things. Just wish they’d consider me before running off like that.

I went to my first casino today. Those machines sound like angels coming down from heaven, to take your money. I really enjoyed seeing women slip off their sandals to get more comfortable at the penny slots. I came out even, and had a glass of whiskey at three in the afternoon. Not bad.

I don’t want to go to bed… I’m afraid I’ll just wake up at 7 and do yard work or something. )


One response to “It’s time to go, Now.

  1. Ohhh, It’s from a jeff buckley live album.

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