Break in

I literally said twice out loud this evening that I couldn’t do any more computing past July 28th. As far as my Bills and savings are concerned, well past that date they fall off the edge of the planet. Along with some other things. Like strawberries or something. Getting organized is a process. And I’ve made some(progress). But I still had to look for my wordpress password for five minutes before blogging tonight. And spent 50 seconds seeing how to change it to something I’d remember. Me?! Remember?! I’ve got fifty million passwords floating around the internet. What if they were to collide like space junk? Nothin really.

Just so long as I got the big ones in august taken care of. GOSH. I think I’ll give up carbs tomorrow. That should take care of it.

Flower painting, I’ve let you go too long. I must make a schedule of painting time. Or it will never happen. Life. I want to start writing lessons too. I’m quite tired. I tried to turn off the alarm clock this morning by switching on the bedside lamp. I’ve never done something that stupid when waking up, and that’s not that stupid. “It’s the big middle one!”   “WHAT?! I dont know!”

I hope I woke up.


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