Jewels Aren’t my Thing

So it’s true. And what’s fear got to do with it? I see everyone around me pursuing themselves, just think of that! I sit here yelling, fools! think outside of yourself! Make a living! I make no living, and live like a piglet wondering if what I got is enough. I have spent three months working every morning writing cover letters at my computer. I’ve gotten good at writing (those sorts of things). All the while, dreaming of my chance. “Is a dream a lie if it don’t come true, or is it something worse” The Boss makes me happy. What a funny guy, says the craziest things in songs and then you know, throws a line like that around as if it came directly from his loins/soul. Or the mixture. Got a call from Colorado. What of it? I’ve done the alone thing, and working hard thing. I can work hard with people I love around me. I got plenty to figure. In the mean time, I made this painting this evening and it feels good. I like the shape/line and simple colors. I don’t want to break my back thinking about references and my drawing skills. I’m plenty good at drawing bones, and painting faces, I don’t need to justify technique in every little thing. What a waste of an idea and feeling.

At least. Thats how I feel right now. Lou Reed thinks so too. Or he did when he wrote Ecstasy. Get it all out!


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