I gota dolla I gota dolla!

And a new job!! I will be making delicious salads and the like at our local fancy food shop. Not to be too specific or anything. It’s very exciting. But to keep myself not over-excited about it I made a song for it, it goes like this… “I got a job, and other people didn’t! I’m gonna cut up Kale and throw away bad spinach! I’ll lift heavy things and get paid a little over min wage and for sure I can weeaar …. a bandana to work!”  Lines like that, a good mixture of reality with excitement is always important.

Well, anyways, I’m excited. I think I was worried there was something wrong with me. But turns out it was just my missing teeth, got those taken care of now. A friend turned me on to Tumblr, hippy kitchens. I sort-of knew what Tumblr was but didn’t want to search for it myself, because I see classmates staring at the screen in a very addicted way, and clicking on picture after picture, when they should be listening to mr. graphic design. Well yea, that thing is seriously addicting. I looked at hippy pictures for an hour the other day, and watched some hippy video of a woman missing teeth singing about colorado. Crazy! I can imagine artists everywhere just drooling and freaking out at so much imagery. Meaningful collage anyone? Don’t mind if I do, they say.

I’ve been working on the flower, Almost done with the bottom flower!!! then the top. I had a dream I was looking at the reference picture and it just turned grey in front of my eyes, I couldn’t paint it then. Sad. It is going slow but I’m sure it’ll be sweet. Got a portrait going of dear such and such, looking good. What I really want is to start a little silkscreen station somewhere in my house or outside for the summer. Silkscreen some bones is what I’m thinking. Yeaa!

Does anyone else like Ray Lamontagne? He’s just so damn swoony. I know he’s no Neil Diamond, but I bet if he ate some beetroot he’d get some more hair on his chest…

Brooding over himself, like a teakettle. Don’t worry, I can help you with that blank-slate of a chest…

Well I thought I could, here’s neil. I almost put up madmartigan, but it was too gross or embarrassing a picture for my blog. I don’t want people to stop reading because of a slip up once.

Now, what was I saying?


2 responses to “I gota dolla I gota dolla!

  1. Woohoo for new job! You will have to pass on some of those recipes!

  2. Madmartigan is what keeps the people coming back…..back I say!

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