Popped corn

If I’m working at home on anything there’s typically popcorn I popped sitting next to me, getting whatever I’m doing slightly oily and salty.

For class in g. design we have to design a cd booklet. I was going to do something for my mom’s company, but I’m getting more interested in another idea. A sort of artsy cd cover for a Stravinsky orchestra piece. Well, Rite of Spring to be exact. It’ll be more fun and motivate me more I’m hoping. Here’s a drawing, I’m thinking about layers with some sort of crazy under painting under the Lines, or more subdued? I’ll mess with it today in class. I must stay focused, but they don’t let food or drink next to the precious computers! I have a hard time staying alert without those things most times.

I’m out of popcorn, where am I? Who am I?   ….


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