Welcome Home, It’s about time.

Hey all, well, I can’t say I’ve been terribly busy, but somehow I really have been sort-of busy. Insights have been few, still job hunting, I slowed down a bit towards the end of February but have regained composure. Anyone need an art teacher? I’ve been looking into Whidbey Island. All I can really say about life now is how easy it is to set goals I don’t have to think about for another few months, like I’ll work on it when I get there. But that’s totally lame I’m finding.

Taking a graphic design course at Whatcom, been dying to take it forever. In theory this class will make me more computer literate in terms of all these great expensive design programs I have but never thought I’d need to learn about. Phooey to that.

Art !














Is it poor form to exhibit art-in-progress? This flower is for a commission, exciting, money…

The two colorful ones are lots of fun and I get to hang them at the catering place I work. Sweet deal.

I wouldn’t recommend getting a full scoop of F.I.G. ice cream at Mallard’s, but it does demand to be tried somehow.

Until next time, Keep your eyes on the news and your toes pointed down!


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