Hee Haww partner!

Back in the saddle again and it feels like the thing that’s carrying me is the absolute need to change and work hard at something. I’ve started the application process for teaching high school art. I came to the decision over a long period of mourning time. Who knows what I was mourning, but I need to be talking about art and making art. I could do that at grad school, but that feels so self-righteous at this point in my life, and maybe it can wait if I really want to go. Point is, I’m barely makin art, and barely makin money. Maybe a city would help, but I feel I’d still be a chicken and try something in a completely different field that I care less about. Ya see? Mar is practicin, I’m gonna draw her sweet face as she works on boring technique stuff.

I went and saw the Picasso exhibit in Seattle last week. Man! That’s mostly what I think, Man! I went through the show and kept going, ” I can’t Believe this guy!” I still can’t, I mean, shoot, he just did whatever the hell he felt like doing. I mostly focused on his prints which were really great, and some of his more cubist figurative work, those thick black lines made my mouth water and suddenly I wanted a brownie, or something. I’m going to go take down that bone painting I hung up at my work and Fix the damn thing. Who needs color the way I thought I needed to put color? Susan Rothenberg is amazing too.  Like this…

I know it’s a horse and horses are silly, but these lines aren’t. These guys give me confidence to just go for a line, man! Now I need a huge tub of white oil paint…. Maybe next week.

Worst part about the Picasso show is those silly ear phone things they give people. It is so crowded in the actual space and to have every single person with some black machine talking in their ear about how Picasso was feeling sexually charged while painting two circles drove me to put on my own machine of headphones. Lou Reed set a good tone for the day, and I no longer had to worry about Picasso’s feelings. Phew!

Anyways, I feel every store I go into the clerk is talking about how the days are getting longer. The grocery store has put out the spring flowers, and it’s just terrible. Don’t they know it’s a facade? !

If you see the easter bunny tell him you’re onto him, he’ll know what it’s about.



One response to “Hee Haww partner!

  1. That’s a nice horse.
    You know, I once read an article that said technically the our days get shorter as we get older. It’s mathematics. There was an elaborate equation and everything. Simplified it goes something like this, say you spent a year in Europe when you were ten, at the time of your life that’s 10% of your life. That’s a lot of life. Now, if you spent a year in Europe when you were 30, that’s only like 3% of your life, so it seems shorter. As you get older time seems to speed up because it’s less and less of a percentage of your life. So the theory goes anyway. Getting old is so strange.
    So next time some jerk is saying the days are getting longer laugh at them because they are stupid and math can solve all of our problems. That is until we build robots to solve all of our problems for us. Surely they will never turn on us.

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