Great Success!

Well I hung up some bones  at the wonderful catering kitchen I work at sometimes.  Really wonderful to put a painting up on a wall! I’ll take a pic of it when I get back from BREAK!!!

Oh the holidays are for cheer, beer  and if you are a part of my family, Beef. My mom finds every single way to cook the cow possible for the christmas family dinners. It all sprung from my brother coming home from New york city 20 pounds lighter one year and saying he loves coming home because he can eat meat. Well I feel she can’t help herself. Hahaha. The best dish is her beef wellington, which is a roast covered in liver patte and wrapped in philo dough. Woah! Mare and I plan on bringing running shoes and walking the crazy dogs as much as possible.

Today is about getting as much done on the present front as possible, and work. Which is about running around like crazy making layer after layer of baklava.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! 


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