You Betchya Ole’ Buddy!

It twas a very merry Thanksgiving. Her ladyship and I took a three hour walk in the beautific snow, telling jokes and stories and over all being quite merry. As I said.

After the snow melted I decided to put some pumpkins to compost… at least the ones I could find. Whatever, mother earth will thank me come spring when it’s little patch of grass has a nutrient rich dead pumpkin helping it grow. I don’t have tv anymore, but pandora tells me what’s on tv, The Hasselhoffs? It’s ok because of camera angles it just looks like he’s a raging alcoholic.

I woke up from a dream this morning believing I was at my parents house and in only a matter of moments I could open their freezer and pull out a Costco pack of Unsalted butter and begin making hundreds of christmas cookies. What is wrong with me? Or you? People should send me baking supplies so I can spend my Sundays literally in the kitchen. Makes no sense seeing as both my jobs I’m stuck in a kitchen, but this is MY kitchen, and as a friend used to say in high school, ‘do what I want do what I want.’ What  a ring!

Ok, I had an art baby, lets see if you think so..

6'x4' Boneit’s a 6’x4′! I like big. Now, color…


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