Is this what you wanted?

Isn’t this what you wanted? I doubt it’s about knowing too much. I don’t know a lot. Mare was at the breakfast table the other day talking about control and decisions. That we think we are making all these decisions in a controlled way, but so much circumstance and uncontrolled things are the main forces at stake. Maybe only 5% of us is actually controlling our actions. I yawned and said, I just told myself to yawn just then. That must be what she meant. Then she said a quote she heard that God laughs at our plans. I’ve been spending a lot of energy trying best to say one thing is this and one thing is that. And that all or nothing will happen. Sound Catholic to you? YaOwZa!

More snow you say? Bring it on B’ham! I’m going to spend the rest of the winter in my hibernation tube, which is really just a dark cardboard box with a tv and dvd player. Ewww. That sounds more like hell.

I hope everyone happily eats Turkey tomorrow, I hear they have a hard time standin up after carving, be prepared to help them walk out of the house with any dignity. It might not happen.

… “Dignity is my middle name!!”


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