And MY! What a big loser you are! And what big teeth…

I have got big teeth, so big they don’t even fit in my mouth. I do wish at times I hadn’t given this blog out to family members. There I said it. I’m afraid they’ll think I spend all my time complaining. I only complain when I’m cold, really. And it’s cold today, just so you’re ready.

A catering job was canceled today because of snow. Bellingham has yet to learn the coping skills involved with snow. I made spinach lentil mush last night. I suppose it’s good. I think I will throw up a recipe bar on the top o’ this thing. Not throw-up.

The words ringing in my head, “What a difference a salary makes,”  and my young brain hears, “What a difference a city makes.” Huh. I’m excited about this intro to graphic design course I’ll be taking in January. School is always exciting for me cuz it’s a way to see different possibilities and learn new stuff.

I’m trying to be positive, it’s basically not working. Gosh! Was Goldie locks eaten by her grandma or a wolf?

Probably her grandma, Goldie sounded a little dumb if you ask me.




















dancin bone!


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