Clean Yet?

I used to listen to NPR Fresh Air a ton while painting. I stopped doing it because it felt like too much song and dance to find an interview I felt like listening to. Well one was about a guy who defended criminals who were indeed very guilty, but defended them from the death penalty because he believed jail has it’s purpose or something. Anyways he was telling Terri that his habit was when he came home from work to immediately change out of the clothes he was wearing and run them in the washing machine. He said he had to stop recently because his son told him it was bad for the environment to run the washer for just one thing. Did he really feel dirty from helping criminals tho?

Work is slow, I’m slow. But I’ve been drawing some.

Here’s a quick one. I’m not done with this ham bone apparently. It sits on my desk all the time, sort of lounging in different positions. I mean I feel it’s my only subject. It’d be nice to have some live ones walkin round my room like Rodin, but I think he paid his models, or at least fed them. I’ve been painting my portrait again, I have the goal of Christmas finishing it. Yeah, I dunno where this bone will take me. but.

Dreamed about the wind the other night. What a fantastic dream, I stood outside in an indoor city and looked behind me at the real city that was outdoors, and heard wind all around me. Like the wind a bird would hear. I wish dreams really meant more immediate things. In my mind wind is change, but I know change is so slow. I shouldn’t complain, at least my dreams are all grandiose and fantastic. And my life is pretty good too.

I met a kitten yesterday. I tried to tell my roommate and Mare about it but they both looked at me like I was crazy. They like to do that to me. . . Well, if that cat ever comes my way again, I’d love to name it Lola and sing it the Kinks all day long.


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