Writing my name

Bummer, I’m avoiding my name on the wall. Last night I had many dreams, they were all dreams that I was awake in a room seeing a red door to a barn house, and that there was a witch in the room standing behind me as I slept.

Oh god, Nigella says to get into the kitchen and get into it when your dreading it. That’s so easy for me though. I love kitchen work. Cuz it’s busy work. I don’t think someone could pay me to go into my room right now and clear out a spot in the mess to get out my paints and go. She’s so full of it! So many threats lurk during the day, like money, and I shouldn’t start anything if I’m unsure of if I’ll have money to finish it. These are stupid fears. But I do live by them sometimes. I know I’ll work it out tho, everyone has their breaking points. I hope to make changes before I get there.

Watched performance last night, with mick jaggar in it. It was bad, but Mick did sing one amazing song in it. So just youtube Memo from Turner, Mick Jaggar if you want to see a sweet video and get addicted to a gross song. It’s easy to do. or here, I’ll try, cuz you just gotta see it!

I would much rather make a loaf of bread or a cake right now. Doctor says I just Gotta stop, I just Gotta stop. “Don’t YOU tell ME what to DO ole Whitecoat!!”

baba BUM!


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