oh my gosh

I miss this blog. I tried making a new one just cuz I have password issues with wordpress. Well the new blog looked bad, and I posted ugly pictures on it. Hmm. I don’t want to talk about art. Its in the process. I always wake up from a night of drinking saying, I’m a damn fool. Well I said it this morning, and I may say it again, on my self prescribed fool walk. It’s fall, last night I felt that it was on our front porch, then a deer slowly walked by me, ” Oh my God” I said. The deer said nothing.

Mare said this blog sort of replaces our emails we used to send to each other. I think I agree, I need somewhere to publicly outcry my thoughts and doings. I like talking, too much. I think in another life I was a priest. In this life I’m a fuddy duddy, haha, and my next life I plan on coming back as an orange dog that lives in an orange mountain range.

I’ve been trying to go on fall walks the way I did when I was in high school, and even college. Something definitely changed since those times though. I think I used to have some belief in a higher power at work, and the cold days filled my soul with the great mystery of life. Also I stood on some solid ground, school and family formed a sort of compact base. Maybe it’s just walking in my parents town that did it, and Michigan. Is it possible to miss a state? Out here a drive feels aimless and that I could be lost anywhere I go. I feel in the East any sort of drive could turn into a trip home, or to New York or down to the Smokey Mountains. All places that seemed like something and held things for me.

I think if I had a religion it would be honesty based. Constantly asking if I’m being straight, and constantly seeing where I am not at all. And it’s just based on straight with myself. My religion also involves a lot of Bruce Springsteen.


One response to “oh my gosh

  1. This is me smiling at your post.

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