Check out my Glasses!

When I put on my glasses I think, man I should become a professional. At what is inevitably the next question. I wish hiring was based on professional-looking-ness as opposed to how we do in our interviews. I believe I come off as someone who is too honest, and would rather be under the table than answering questions designed to determine if I’m a psychopath or not. 

I’ve been doing reading on Yoga, as opposed to actually doing it. I’m getting sick of Rodni Yee on the DVD. (Ha!) He just tells me to do things without explaining why, and on the dvd cover they photoshop’d out his bulge, which is offensive to him and his wife… 

They could have just used this picture on the dvd, same thing really.

But anyways, it’s amazing what a little pain will do to one’s psyche, I have a neck injury from doing intense push-ups over a month ago, and what throws me off is how consistent it is. When something makes you uncomfortable consistently, by the end of the day you throw everything into question. Well, if you’re me. Mary woke up two nights ago to take a wiz at two in the morning, and saw me staring at this computer trying to enter in my employment history in the Alaska teachers database. My aching neck told me, I won’t last in the food service industry, better throw myself into an exiled state in Alaska. Honestly, I think I go 50/50 with the idea still. Not being able to afford co-pays is disheartening when you are trying to stand up like a professional. Eh? 

I must remind myself I am not Villette from the Charlette Bronte novel, despite our obvious similarities. Or my imagined similarities, I suppose I don’t speak French as fluently as she does, and her only issues with men are whether or not this guy who bought this house for her died, or something. Maybe I am, I don’t really know what happened at the end of that book, and I’m sure if I had an ending to a book in sight, it would be all lumpy and unusual. 



One response to “Check out my Glasses!

  1. When I think of Yoga, I think of that picture. And I think of Yoga a lot.
    Hard at work on cd’s. Got one in the mail yesterday that I think you will like. I do realize that by saying I’m working on this, it only makes the 90% chance that I procrastinate that much more heart breaking, but I have a good feeling about this.
    Great to see the epic skin disease paintings up.

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