I decree

This to be my unofficial blog. Why not, it’s my blog, and until I can figure out widgets and other stuff involved with the display, I will keep this as an experiment. Compadre? Mary says my spanish is the opposite of improving. Tried to watch the movie Eat Pray Love today with Mar, but we had to walk out after the eating part. Too many strangers were interested in helping Julie Roberts cope with being a total babe. It’s ok, I’ll still watch Mystic Pizza over and over again the same way I was pre new movie. 

I want to make tons of cool food. Including a three layer cake with orange frosting. My grandma Mori accidentally made an orange cake one summer. I remember coming to visit, and seeing it on the counter and realizing it was really out of place. Miss her and the family on Lake Michigan all the time. 

I’ve recently applied to a head start day care in town. It forced me to create a real resume, something I was putting off for some time. I have hated the idea of running from college to real job, unsure if real job is the one I wanted. Avoidance is something I’ve always been a master of. Oh, and day care would be cool I think, I’m also applying for serving jobs too. I got this idea in my head that if I can get ten canvas’s made and stretched, I’ll use them and feel more like I’m doing right by me. It’s been a while since I had ten. 

Mary is practicing Viomolin in her room, she’s testing out a bone painting of mine in there. Seeing if it’s positive or negative. Mary’s been taking Susuki classes to teach violin, she’s also job hunting. Bellingham really is a small town as far as finding work goes. 

It’s so hot. Think I’ll try another go at the portrait, or slither back to a chair and drink ten gallons of water.


2 responses to “I decree

  1. Does this mean that you have an official blog too?

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