I love looking at other artists blogs online and think it is a great way to show work as I am making it. I’ve been using oil sticks lately, making impulse compositions on paper. It started as an exercise but the images are compelling enough that I’ve been looking into ways of making a more finished piece. Clear gesso is so cool, I put a coat of that on the brown paper to soak up the oil, but it doesn’t seem like enough. I wonder if I should coat the back of the paper too. Framing is another challenge in the future. This whole process is really appealing to me not only for the gut reaction I go for, but also how cheap the materials are. Hope to start some oil paintings, and finish a double portrait of some friends, I wonder if it isn’t too late to add in their great dane puppy…

HoldIn 18"x24" Oil stick on Paper


3 responses to “Howdy

  1. Love the quality of the photos of your work. Lot’s of motion and and energy in your work – keeping it alive!

  2. Joseph Harms Mahoney

    Winn, they look wonderful! To hell with oils and canvas -for now, anyway.

  3. I bet we could get Lucy to pose for some pictures…..

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